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V-Jus-1f-12.5; NPD; Austria; Lining, directly attached, single-layer cladding

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Dear business friend!Service and supply of services for the dry walling sector as well as offering of complete solutions through own manufactured metal ceilings, including in-house developed substructure for your special case.This distinguishes us from the other providers!Specialists achieve more!The advantage for you: no matter in which of these served countries, you request products of our progr... see moream: your B+M advisor organizes everything for you in our network.Fast. Precisely. Scheduled.- Dry walling storage – complete and detailed systems- competent advice and order processing- on-time delivery and crane logistics up to 40 m- Own production of M.C.I.-metal ceilings, even as cooling ceilings, fire protection ceilings, clean room ceilings and stretch - metal ceilings available. Complete and single source.- Exclusive B+M product line- B+M Architects advisor- Engineering services by B+M specialists (eg planning and material identification of specialty ceilings)- customer training for special products- Product information on Catalogue - ongoing information service (B+M-News, intras)- Optimum price performance ratio- All of our 1520 European employees have the same goal: to provide excellence to you.We want to be your partner! Best wishes Wolfgang KristinusCEOBaustoff+Metall International ... see less

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